About me

I am Slovakian living in London since 1995. Currently, I am most known for my abstract pieces, which have been compared to stained glass windows, Gustav Klimt, or to the lands as seen from above. Some see African or Aboriginal influences due to the use of a ‘primary colour’ palette and the dotting technique. My abstract pieces are the result of expanding my original artwork ‘Abstract in Red’ 2006. A vibrant piece composed of primary colours in geometrically influenced composition.

Another key element in my work is the use of gold leaf and acrylic enamels. They too feature in my 2006 piece, although I have since developed several different ways of texturing and positioning the shimmer. Skulls are not my natural choice of an art topic, but during the commissioned work I have developed a newer approach to my dotting technique, which I then particularly enjoyed executing in the ‘Sonavar’ painting.

I genuinely feel my biggest influence in art is my own artistic gift, which is especially influenced by listening to classical music. It is the only genre of music that frees me and channels creativity without ‘punishment’. In that moment I am carefree and creative, the nearest feeling to what I felt like as a child. Where there are no right or wrong lines, just having fun, learning, and enjoying the artistic process.

I tend to see broken or discarded objects and my brain speculates what I can make them into. Similarly, with paint, I choose my colours and see where the creativity will take me – Abstract summer 2023 framed collection. I am thoughtful when creating, but I’ve learned to make ‘missed lines or blotches’ into features, I have learned to be happy in art.

Having an E-shop gallery allows me to exhibit my art work consistently and  I hope you will find my canvas originals and affordable downloadable products interesting. 

Jana Rychvalska